Nilson yarzon


Good and evil! We are part of the vast majority of the two groups. The thief thrives because he has a buyer for the objects of theft or robbery and even robbery.
Those who do piracy only thrive because the vast majority are low-income (income) so they buy everything from piracy, feeding these types of illegal trade. And in religions it is no different to complain about false prophets but we even give them lives to thrive (moral of the story) each one will reap exactly what they mourned! We will always be servants and not friends. Because the friend knows what his LORD does, the servant does NOT. Good morning to all VCS …….

The Holy Spirit! He was introduced into the world for us to teach us to correct ourselves to perfect in the will of him who sent him because he saw and heard all things. But people wanting to follow the precepts of men. They get it wrong or to take advantage of their own benefits they are deceiving people who are not aware of the truth. Preaching lies. But everything has an end even though the justice of the Lord God seems to take time. But it doesn’t fail. Do not want to fall into the terrible justice of the LORD GOD. Good morning to all VCS

What did the dead prophet say? Because you disturbed me by making me come! because you ask me if the Lord God has departed from you and is your enemy. This happened when the riddle made Samuel go up at the request of King Saul. And for that to happen. The human being has become a very perverse being. So leave the dead alone they have already done their part. Let’s have more of the Lord Jesus Christ that I live for is the price we bought from all the good and the bad. Let us respect each other to love and help each other. Thus we will see the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives. Good morning to all VCS

The clarity of the Bible! This gospel of the Kingdom will be preached throughout the world for the testimony of all Nations. Then the end will come. See this verse and used to say about the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ. That he has not yet returned because the gospel has not yet been preached to all nations. When the Bible itself corrects whoever wants to be corrected. Read Romans chap 10 vers 17.18 or Colossensses chap 1 ver 23 or in 1 John. All are enlightening. For people who do not have the subconscious dominated by the wrong teaching or because they do not read the entire Bible because it is very clear .more who prefers deception. Or they prefer that other people read to her it will not come to flat knowledge. But the LORD GOD is righteous from faith to faith is transforming our lives. Good morning to all VCS

The clarity of the Bible! For the one about whom this is said and from another tribe in which no one dedicated himself to serving at the altar. As it was necessary to create another Priesthood, this was done because of its weakness and uselessness. All church ordinances have been revoked. For the new Priesthood perfected all things that were weak and useless. In just one mediator. Lord Jesus Christ. For we are his altar, not erected by the hands of man, but made by the Almighty Lord. Everyone have a good day.


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Somos um blog de receitas de chás milagrosos, trabalhamos com fitoterapicos e ervas medicinais com vários tipos diferentes de assuntos!

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