How can we say that someone needs to make a change?
How can we know inside someone, if we don't know our own self!
Whoever is in debt to himself, is certainly in a relentless struggle to change!
Without knowing the reasons, we often want to emphasize that being like us is right!
But we also need to change, we cannot impose what it would be like to be right, because we are all imperfect!
This type of inquiry always has the defense that we have to change to please God!
Is it not that my change and your change is part of your involvement with honesty, love with fraternity and with the conquest of lost values?
Knowing inside that you are at peace with God!
Even in this difficult transformation of your interior you have to be overwhelmed that your efforts are being made by your loved ones and not by your ethical principles!
And this change, doesn't it need applause from those you hurt?
Your effort is always to rescue something lost!
Why can't we change to please a loved one or a neighbor?
Why do we have to hear such a question from someone?
If anyone is entitled to make an accusation of this magnitude?
It would be because he is right, and he wants you to be like him!
I do not have the right, to be doing this criticism, but I only did it because I am fighting to improve!
With God in my understanding I always had a true connection, I was never unfair to my neighbor!
I just did not become a mirror of those who think they are right!
Because I have always fulfilled my duty as a father to a husband and brother!
I just had no wisdom in getting involved with people around me!
I asked God many times to remove the beam from my eye, because God in my anxiety to get it right was always the primordial figure and certain attitudes that people witness does not show us the same respect for others!
That was my biggest mistake because it is known that salvation is individual!
So after ironing out the right to remain silent about everything, and look only at God, I failed!
But in those cases, brother, change what, if we don't know the inside of each one .....
I need to change!
Be like who?
What do we need to see to make us feel accepted?
Do we see changes that are pleasant to those you love in matters?
That's right for my fight, to return to the congregation without looking to the side!
Just for god and recognize that I'm not perfect. That it is not me the owner gives truth gives justice and right?
These were my judgments that distanced me from God, in the eyes of people! And these are the people who will welcome me back!
Because with God I have always been! ....
Do these judgments exist so that we can inquire changes to our neighbor?
Are we so perfect that we gain the right to judge the changes of others?
I learned that I need to pray to let everyone's free will be respected inside!
And also pray for those who are not like me!
Looking only at God, my intention is to be with mine with harmony and happiness!
In short I am striving to please others yes!
because God is pleased with it, because it is called communion!
The changes belong to each one!
Is not this inquiry of procedures from God?
And you are not my agora because I am doing like you!


Yesterday when I finished this text above, tired of typing, and wanting to go to the bathroom!
I got up and went, a thought visited me on the way!
"10 OF ECCLESIÁSTE" Strange why I hadn't written thinking of any parallel to the word, even though I knew that this text had a lot to do with the holy spirit!
But without any parallel, what came to me head? Complete your text with the chapter!
I thought it has something to do with the text?
O man of little faith ........
I didn't do it right away I doubted my thought!
Now I know it was a message! Returning I thought I will open to the bible and read, already tired I did not sleep because I was very tired!
Today I remembered now, I took the bible and went to read! Glóriaaaa .............
It is perfectly parallel to the text! Many glories!
I thought I will search to find the text written to add it!
At the time I was typing on google the search!
Top on your cell phone where those momentary warnings about someone who likes something of yours appears!
It appeared salomon liked his publication I was astonished!
Soon after opening to the research that was doing 10 ecclesiastical ....
The cell phone made a noise was Whatsapp telling me it had a message, so I left the search open and went to see what it was!
You were my son inviting me to participate in the family. This has certainly been a * call * of * God since yesterday! *
Luiz Wenceslau


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